Transmission Fluid Leak from Radiator- What to Do?


Ever wondered how does the gear system of your car work so consistently for years and years? What the mechanism behind that? 

Well, there are a lot of parts that form the transmission system together. But transmission fluid is in the important charge of keeping the whole system cool and operating. But when this transmission fluid leak from radiator or nearby places, that’s where the trouble begins. 

But my friend, it’s not the end of the world yet. We have got this entire issue covered up. And we will take you through several effective solutions to make up this problem. 

Let’s get going- 

Let’s Understand Transmission Fluid First

Before we discuss the problem in-depth, let’s have a basic knowhow on the transmission cooler lines and its relationship with the radiator. It will help better understand the problems and its consequences. 

First of all, the transmission is the process through which you change the gears of your car. And transmission fluid plays the role of keeping the dynamic parts cool. 

Transmission liquid goes through a certain panel, which is called the cooler lines. These coolers lines are basically hoses and tubes that goes from the radiator to the transmission system. The radiator is another important part of the process, which we won’t focus on right now. 

How to Identify the Transmission Fluid Leak?

As transmission fluid is sourced from the radiator, it will cause a leak only on the radiator, not around the transmission system. But how and what makes you understand that there is a leak in the transmission fluid on the radiator? 

Well, the first thing that you should notice is the wet spots under your car bottom. For that, you can keep your engine on for a few minutes and don’t move the car. If there is any oil leak beneath the car, there is a possibility that it’s the transmission fluid. 

Now, take your investigation to another level by opening up the car hood and look under it. You might do a visual inspection on all of the hoses and check if there are any liquid drops coming off from any of the connectors. 

If the leaking connector is connected to the transmission system of the car, then we might have a possible situation here. 

In case you become certain about a Transmission Fluid Leak from Radiator, proceed to the next steps- 

How to Solve Transmission Fluid Leak from Radiator?

Now, we are a core part of the article where we will be seeking the solution of transmission fluid leaks from the radiator. Here go the steps- 

Step 1: If the lines are old

The first step is concerned about the scenario when your transmission fluid carriage lines are old enough. Once they are used for several years, leakage is just a common consequence of it. 

In case you find a match with the situation, just change the line with a new one. 

Step 1: Put Sealants on the connectors

Your transmission fluid carrier line might not be old enough, but there can be still some leakage on it. Mostly the place where the leakage takes place in the connector. 

If you find a laky connector after quire inspection, you can use some sealant to seal the leak anyway. In case your lines are not old enough, you can still let your radiator operate with the repaired line connectors. 

There are various sealants on the market, but they are specific to transmission cooling lines. So, consult with someone expert before going for just any random transmission cooling line sealant. 

Step 1: Try adaptors

In case you don’t want to go for a liquid or semi-liquid sealant, you can use an adaptor otherwise. There are brands of vehicles and vehicle accessories manufacturers that come up with such adaptors to prevent such kind of leaking issues. 

To add the adaptor, you have to remove the line, put the adaptor on, and then put the hose back on its place. The role of the adaptor is to fit into the gap and seal it up anyway. 

Step 1: Using Plumber’s Tape

One of the most budget-friendly choices of this problem fix is the plumber’s tape. In particular, you need to use Teflon tape if you want to seal the leak occurred in the transmission fluid line. 

But while selecting the right Teflon tape for the purpose, make sure that it’s able to undertake heat. The tape route should be uniformly surrounding the leaking area. Otherwise, some new leaks might appear on the spot nearby. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Question: What to do if the transmission fluid pipe gets worn out? 

Answer: In case of a work out transmission fluid pipe, the best solution is to go for a replacement. 

Question: What kind of sealant I can use for sealing the transmission fluid leak?

Answer: The choice of liquid or semi-liquid sealant quite depends on the car model you are using. Consult your mechanic for a more precise solution. 

Question: Can i use teflon tape as a seal preventer?

Answer: If the Teflon tape is heat preventive, you can definitely use it. 

Bottom Line

So, that had been the solution around the problem of transmission fluid leaks from the radiator. Hopefully, you’ve been well aware of which of the given solutions you will pick for your car. Good luck! 

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