How to Remove Scratches from Unpainted Plastic Bumper?


A car bumper is one of the most visible and frontier parts of a car. And on the other hand, it’s the most exposed part as well, once a collision takes place. Result? Awkward looking scratches on the car bumper. 

So, how to remove scratches from unpainted plastic bumper? Is there any DIY home method or you have to replace the entire bumper anyway? 

Well, we are here to answer this question into a deep level. Stay tuned. 

How Severe the Problem Is?

So, we are dealing with a problem of which we have to find out the answer. The situation is, we have got a few scratches on the unpainted car bumper. The intense of the issue is something to worry about because, if there were paint on the bumper, the scratches might not be able to leave its marks on the car bumper itself. But as it’s unpainted, removing those scratches will be quite a tough job. 

But that being said, there are ways that we can go through to get rid of them. In fact, we have figured out 6 different solutions to fix this issue anyway. 

Here you go- 

How to Remove Scratches from Unpainted Plastic Bumper?

Method 1: Using The Shoe Polish 

The first method on our list mind wonders about how a shoe polish might help you out to deal with the situation. But it actually works. Let us explain how- 

Firstly, clean up the area with a dry cloth or microfiber. Now, examine the scratch carefully if there are any specks of dirt or so. If there is any dirt, you have to clean that as well. 

Now, wipe the place with a soap and water mix, and then dry the place under the open air. 

Now, take a silver color shoe polish and apply it to the area of the scratch. We are assuming that the car bumper color is of silver color at an unpainted stage. If it’s of some different color, you should choose the same color. 

After you are done with applying shoe polish, it will fill up the scratches. If there are any small dents, it will fill those up as well. 

Now, sand down the scratches and the surrounding area to diminish the minor scratches. It will make them invisible. While going through this step, don’t overdo the sanding. Otherwise, it will end up creating even more of the scratches. 

Keep sanding the place in this manner until the additional shoe polish around the scratch area is completely removed. Once done, use a cloth to buff the area. Make sure the scratches are all removed or so. 

Method 2: Using Toothpaste

Toothpaste is all of our trusted tooth cleaning associates. But in this problem that we are dealing with, they can be made use of as well. And it’s quite surprising, right? 

However, here are the steps of dealing with the situation with a toothpaste. 

At first, keep it in mind that toothpaste contains some naturally abrasive components inside, which can decrease the level of minor scratches. Use the toothpaste on the area of scratch, and the minor ones should be gone. 

The process of using is quite similar to the previous one. So, you can use it as a filler material, and then polish the area up to take off the additional toothpaste from the place. 

Method 3: Using A Nail Polish

The next method that we are going to talk about is even more surprising! Yeah, we are going to use the nail polish to work on the areas where your car bumper had got some scratches. 

So, how do you use the nail polish? Well, nail polish will not essentially work as a filler material. But it will cover the scratchy areas up from your car bumper. 

Now, nail polishes are available in a wide range of colors. Once you choose the color, make sure that it’s is a 99 percent match with the color of the car bumper. Also, make sure to choose a permanent kind of nail polish to cover the area up. 

Once you are done with applying nail polish coatings on the scratchy area of your car bumper, do the task of sanding the area out properly. In the end, the scratches that were bothering your car’s outlook, won’t be visible anymore. 

Method 4: Candle Wax

A temporary, but the cost-effective method of filling up scratches is to use candle wax. It will only work on the light scratches though. So, if you have got some really stubborn scratches, it won’t be applicable in this method. 

Before applying candle wax, make sure that the area is clean enough. After cleaning, take a powdery form of candle wax and rub it on the space very lightly. 

Once the damaged area is entirely covered up, seal the scratch with something more permanent. You can use the shoe polish method over here to seal the candle wax coat. 

Method 5: Using Super Glue

The last method that we are going to talk about is using the super glue. It can serve as a very transparent material to level up the scratchy areas of your car bumper. 

But while applying this particular agent, you have to keep a sharp eye on the fact that it’s applied very thinly. Because, once the superglue is done with applying, you can not just sand it off just like other filler materials. 

So, it’s good to be as precise as possible while going with this method. Also, you can use needles to provide a more accurate output. 

Bottom Line

Alright, we have reached the dead bottom of the article. Throughout this article, we have shown you 5 homemade and cheap methods on how to remove scratches from the unpainted plastic bumper. Hopefully, it will be of use to your problem. See you in the next post! 


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