How to Clean Wheel Wells: 5 Pro Tips


Owning a car is a good thing, but that comes with a number of consequences. And taking care of the car wheel is one of them. And as you know, a car wheel has certain parts, and you need to clean them all. 

But when it comes on how to clean wheel wells, that’s where we have seen many people to struggle with. Specially, wheel wells are a quite a complicated part of the wheel and need special attention to clean. 

However, we have decided to put an end to all your doubts and struggles, and come up with this roundup post. Here, we will note down a few steps to clean off your car wheel wells. 

Stick to us until we are done with providing the complete solution. Let’s start- 

How Frequently Should You Clean Wheel wells?

Car wheel is maybe the most exposed part of a car to get dirty and polluted by outsider dust, dirt, muds and so on. So, cleaning the car wheel is one of the foremost cleaning tasks that a car owner should care about. 

But the question is, how frequently should you clean your car wheel wells?

Well, we have seen some of the car owners to clean them once in every couple of months. But the chance of getting dust and grease embedded is quite high in this case. We suggest you clean wheel, wheel wells, type and every part of the tire once in a month, or more frequently is possible. 

5 Tips on How to Clean Wheel Wells

We have gathered up a few tips to help you to gain the best way to clean wheel wells. Let’s start and go through the list- 

Step 1: Remove The Tyre and Wheel

Before starting the process of cleaning, it’s your duty to remove the car tire and car wheel. This will help you to do proper cleaning for every detail part of the wheel. 

If you find any hard and large-sized particles to be stuck within any part of the wheel, remove them with your hands at this step. If your car is likely to travel on the off-road quite often, these kinds of objects and debris are likely to get stuck into the car wheel wells as well. 

Over time, you’ll learn how to get mud out of wheel wells with high pressure waterflow only. 

Step 2: Pressure Wash At First

Right after you have the car wheels are exposed to washing, clean them well with a high-pressure water flow. For that purpose, there are many users who use a pressure washer that is available in the market. And it takes quite some less time as well. 

Here are a recommended washer that you would need in this process- Buyplus Hydro Jet Pressure Power Washer

Such type of washing is no bad, but if you have a plan to add some coating on the tired metal very soon, that is not a good idea. 

Step 3: Clean The Wheel with A Water-Based Cleaning

There are many cleaning products that are produced on an industrial basis and can be used to hand-clean the wheel wells. Here is a list of the kind of products that are used to clean car wheel wells.

A Long Handle Brush

After pressure washing, you should start the rest of the cleaning process with a long handle brush. This will help you to agitate the surface You can do that even before the pressure washing as well. In that case, you need o scrub a lot more.

Our favorite: MGC1 Extendable Gutter Cleaner with Car Wash Brush- Summer/Fall Cleaning Must-Have

Nylon bug sponge

It will help you to take off the oily dirt and dirt that are sem-stubborn. After pressure washing, the dirt will be on wet condition. And that helps you to take off the dirt even an easier way.

Our favorite: McKee’s 37 MK37-950 Road Kill Bug Scrubber 


Can mud damage your car wheels?  Yeah, they can. And a degreaser is the tool to take that off. Degreaser is a kind of chemical product that helps to take off the grease that is likely to pile up inside the corners and edges of the car wheel well.

Our favorite: Chemical Guys CLD_104 Grime Reaper Extremely Strong Degreaser

Tire Brush

For removing dirt from the deep inside of the tire wells, you have to use a long-handled brush. But when it comes to the dirt on the edges of the wheel well, you can use a tire brush. These brushes come with a cheap price and available at your nearby shop.

Our favorite: OCM Premium Extra Large Car Duster with Durable Solid Wood Handle Includes Storage Cover

Step 4: Remember to Avoid any Non-wax Product

You can use a number of products to take care of your car wheel well. But don’t do the mistake of using any product that is harmful to the body of the tire. One of such harmful cleaner is a non-wax product. 

The problem with a non-wax cleaner is, it often creates rough finishes and damage to the existing coating of the car tire body. 

There are tons of cleaner chemicals available who are of a non-wax type, and you should stick to these products only. 

Step 5: Scrub The Wheel Wells 

A LittleAt this point of the cleaning, you should have loosened up all kind of dirt right on the surface of the wheel well. And now, you can take a tire burs to take the dirt off completely. Make sure that you’ve taken care of the rust on wheel well also.

Finally, a high-pressure water wash can do the final job of taking the dirt away. Use the same sprayer that you used in the first step of the process. 

Step 6: Put the Wheel Back

As you are done with cleaning the car wheel well, it’s time to put them back. Just like the way you unscrewed the bolts,  put them back in place again. 

Before keeping the wheel back in its place again, scrub the surface of the wheel and the wells over again. 

Tips to Avoid Frequent Cleaning of Wheel Well

Who wants to end up with cleaning the wheel wells and taking the mess of bringing the whole wheel out? No one, right?

There is a way out to avoid such frequent cleaning, and that is to customize the car wheel. There is a way to use a wheel liner that will help you to avoid cleani8ng the cracks, crevices and hard-to-reach places of the wheel anymore. 

Hopefully, you’ve been helped with the steps on wheel well dressings.

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