How to clean black cloth car seats?


One basic thing about cleaning the black cloth car seat is, the process is way harder than cleaning car seats of any other color. Why is that? 

Well, you might already realize that it’s hard to spot the dirt and stains on a black cloth car seats. So, you have to go almost blind while you are cleaning black cloth car seats. 

And to deal with the problem, you have to go through a different approach instead of what you would do with regular car seats. 

Steps on How to Clean Black cloth Car seats

For many cleaning guidelines, you might have seen us to list down a set of products at first place. And then continuing with the processes and steps. But with a car seat made of black cloth or fabric, the process would be quite different. 

See, there are many kinds of dirt and stains on a car seat. And here, we will address each of them separately. We will give you basic ideas on how to fight each of these spots and dirt, and proceed to the next one. 

So, let’s start- 

Items You Need

  • Car vacuum cleaner. 
  • Paint thinner. 
  • Sprayer. 
  • Dishwasher soap.
  • Hairspray. 
  • Water. 
  • Microfiber cloth.

Dealding with Basic Dirts 

By basic dirt, we mean it to be the hair, pet hair, the dust and other debris kinds of objects. If you are dealing with these kinds of things, all you need is a car vacuum cleaner. 

While working with a car vacuum cleaner to take out the dirt of this sort, you have to have a firm control on the movement of the nozzle. You need to make sure that the nozzle is close to the car seat surface, and yet, it covers the whole areas.

Remember that, these kinds of dirt are likely to stay into the corners and narrow spaces. So, make sure to run the vacuum cleaner through those spaces of the car seat. 

Dealding with Oil Stains 

Oil and grease are two sibling kinds of dirt that are very familiar to us. If you use your car on a regular basis, there is a pretty good chance that your black car seat would be affected by these two problems. 

On top of that, there is no direct way to locate the space where it is affected by oil and grease. You have to play a guessing game here. 

What you need is- a paint thinner, water, and a cotton ball. You have to take an equal amount of paint thinner and water and mix them up in a sprayer. 

Now, take the car into a place where there is an abundance of light. Now look at the car seat surface from an angular view, and it will show you where oil or grease are spotted. 

Spray the mix into those spots, and make sure that you’ve covered up the whole spot. Once done, rub the oil affected spot with the microfiber cloth. And keep continuing the process for rest of the spots. 

Dealding with Ground In Dirts

There is some kind of stubborn dirt which are set on your car seats strongly. A vacuum cleaning or just a rubbing of microfiber won’t work for those kinds of spaces. 

What we need to do is, using a mix of dishwater soap and water. Dishwasher soap is something that should be available in every home. In case it is not, you might buy one from the nearby store or from online. 

However, take an equal portion of dishwasher soap and water. Mix them well and put the solution into a sprayer. 

Now, identifying the spots where there is ground in dirt. Spray the mix on the spots pretty well. Let the solution act on the dirt for 4-5 minutes. 

Now, take a brush with soft teeth, and gently rub on the spot. Remember that, you are not supposed to use a strong and sturdy brush here. It will rather damage the fiber of the car seat. 

Once done, take a cloth wet, and gently rub the space to take the dirt out. 

Dealding with Ink Spots

One pretty small, but stubborn kind of dirt is the ink stains and ink marks. If you have kids seating on the backseats, be almost sure that you have to deal with such dirt every once in a while. 

However, if you are unlucky enough to get a whole ink stain on the black car seat of yours, you need to prepare yourself with the correct cleaning agent. 

The thing that works best, in this case, is the hairspray. Take a clean and damp cloth, and blot the hairspray drops into it. Now, apply it on the ink stain on a gentle basis. 

While scrubbing the spot with the cloth, don’t do it through a wide space. As it will spread up the ink stain to even further space. 

Once done, continue the process we have told in the previous step. This will let the ink stain come out of its place completely. 

Bottom Line

So, these are the four kinds of dirt that we have to face in case of every car. But as you have a special scenario of owning a black car seat, things might be quite different for you. But as long as you’re on the track, there should be no reasons to worry. 

Good luck! 

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