How to clean between car seat and center console?


Every car owner has some sort of urge to keep the car interior and exterior clean. And we don’t deny that at all for your case as well. 

But you see, we pay so much attention in cleaning the car seat and carpet that some of the complex parts get missed, where the amount of dust and dirt is no less onto those places. 

And one of those ignored part of the car is the space between the car seat and the center console. We guess this exact problem has driven you into this web page as well. 

So, let’s not make any further delay, and go through the post. We have collected and explained some of the most actionable and effective tips for cleaning that specific area. 

Let’s go through- 

What Is Important To Know Before We Start

See, we did not want to interrupt here. But here is something that we need to inform you, and that is about the cleaning order of the car interior. 

When you are willing to make a complete cleaning on the whole car interior, the car seat, the carpet, the seat belts, the cup holders and of course the area between the car seat and the console are in concerned. 

But what is the cleaning order? Which one should you start with? Well, the simplified answer is- the part that lies into the center line of the car, should be cleaned up first. 

In this way, you can start by cleaning the space between the seat and the console first. Then you would go for the other delicate corners, the dashboard, the seat and finally, the carpet. 

Take note about this action, and let’s proceed to the main course- 

Steps on How to Clean Between Car Seat and Center Console

Items You Need

  • Microfiber cleaning cloth. 
  • Detailing brushes to get the crevices and cracks out. 
  • Vacuum cleaner for car upholstery. 
  • Upholstery brush. 
  • Compressed air from an air compressor. 
  • Leather made brush. 
  • Steam cleaner(not compulsory)

Done with collecting up all these essentials? Here we go with the steps-

Step 1: 

Take yourself and your car into somewhere when it’s shady. Because cleaning under direct sunlight will be painful. On the other hand, cleaning into a dark place is also hard. 

So find a place to execute the task where it’s not completely under the sun, but it has an abundance of light and humidity. Why? You will understand once you do the process yourself. 

Step 2: 

Empty up space. When in a space like the middle between the seat and console, you might keep something for some reasons. Before cleaning up the space, take out everything from it. 

Step 3: 

Once you are done with the previous step, do a quick vacuum into the place. This will take the dust particles and macro level objects out. 

Make sure to keep the vacuum cleaner settings necessarily low. Otherwise, it may draw items like the car seat belt buckles into it. 

Step 4: 

We won’t use any kind of cleaning chemicals for this spot cleaning actually. But what we will do is, we will keep rubbing the space with different kinds of brushes, and take whatever dirt comes out of it. 

We will start by applying compressed air to loosen up the dirt in there. You can use a car air compressor of pancake type. Because they are portable, and they come up quite low compressed air pressure. At this stage, we won’t need a massive air pressure that is needed in deep car washing. 

Take the pressured air into the spot, and make sure it hits every nook and corner of the space. 

Step 5: 

Once you are done with applying pressurized air onto the space, take a soft cloth to take out the dust particles. Make sure that the soft cloth is not wet at all. Using a wet cloth will hinder the next steps, however. 

Once you are done, go to the next process.

Step 6: 

At this stage, we will use a steam cleaner. Although we have kept this tool as an optional item. But for optimal cleaning of the space between the car central console and the seat, this is quite essential. 

Make sure that the steam cleaner you have taken, contains a low opening. 

Now, if you have any sort of dirt and spots made from tea or coffee or other liquid stains, this will be the perfect place to use this steam cleaner. Because steam is quite effective for this sort of dirt and spots. 

Mark the spaces where it contains the coffee or team splits, and gently hold the steam cleaner opening onto the place. Keep applying steam onto the place for a few minutes. 

Step 7:

Once you are done with steaming the spots up, the steam should be able to loosen up the spaces. Now, take an upholstery brush or leather brush, and gently rub onto those spots. This will take the stain or spot out for good. 

Once done, clean the spot again with a microfiber cloth. Keep cleaning the spot unless you are certain that there are no hard dirt or spot stains remaining in it. 

Step 8 

We are almost at the end of the process of on how to clean between car seat and center console. At this stage, you have to let the space dry before you put back its things to the place. 

For drying, it’s best to be in contact with the flowing air of the environment. You can do that by keeping both doors of the car open. This will take a couple of hours to dry the space completely. 

But if you are in a hurry, there is a quicker alternative. This will need an air blower to clean up the process. If you have one, power it up and apply to blow air onto the spot. It will make the space dry within a few minutes. 

Bottom Line

So, that is the wrap-up, guys. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed and been informed of the process of how to clean between car seat and center console. See you in the next post! 

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