Coolant Leaking from Bottom of Car


Often, car owners are used to dealing with a number of leak variations from the bottom panel of the car. But in case you can identify a coolant leaking from the bottom of the car, that’s quite a situation to worry about. 

In this article, we would be looking forward to identifying all of the possible causes of such problems, and your solutions to fix them up. We have also described the types of coolant leaking you can find in the bottom of your car. 

Seems interesting? Let’s proceed- 

Types of Coolant Leaking from Bottom of Car

There are basically, two of the major types of problems that might occur in the case we are talking about. Here they are- 

Internal Coolant Leaking

In case of an internal leak, the coolant won’t puddle off under your car. That means, you won’t be seeing the leak to take place, as it’s internal. But you can assume the situation and the presence of the problem from the coolant level indicator of the car. 

If you have to refill the coolant more frequently than what it is supposed to, that might be a possible sign of an internal coolant leaking inside the car. And the causes of such leak can be either a leak in the head block or a leaky head gasket. 

External Coolant Leaking

The second type of leaking is the second kind, and it’s comparatively easier to diagnose and fix. As an example, you can easily hover under the car, and find the source of the leak. The leak can either in the water pump, the heater core or even the engine freeze plug. Also, the coolant reservoir might contain some crack which can cause external coolant leaking. 

Either way, as long as you’re certain about the presence of the problem, you should rush towards the solution. 

What Might Be the Possible Causes?

There are several reasons why coolant leakage from the bottom of your car might take place. Here are a few of them- 

Blown Up Head Gasket

Your coolant and engine oil can be mixed up because of a blown-up head gasket. This is eventually, quite dangerous from your car’s engine and might bring on a failure. 

A blown-up head gasket might also be liable directly for a coolant leak from the car bottom. 

Holes in the Radiator Body

If your radiator contains a whole on it, this can also be a reason for coolant leaking from the bottom of your car. Such holes might take place for a corrosive damage to the car radiator. Also, leaks between the tank and the radiator can be showed un in this manner. 

Hose Attachment Points

Another possible suspect or such coolant leakage is the various holes around the hose attachment points of the car engine. This occurs because over time the hose becomes hard and brittle. So, it becomes easier to create holes around it. 

What Are the Results?

Now, as you have been aware of the possible causes of the problem, let’s know the consequences of it. No matter whichever the cause it is, it will result in potential damage to the engine of your car. 

If you don’t have the right amount of coolant in the engine, this is not just a problem in the winter, It also dangerous when it’s hot out there. When it’s the second case, your car needs enough amount of coolant to take the heat off the engine. In case it doesn’t do that because of lackings in coolant, it might finally bring on an engine failure anyway. 

How to Solve Coolant Leaking from Bottom of Car?

Step 1: Fixing the leak on the radiator hose

Usually, if the source of the leakage is the radiator hose, this might be fixed quite easily. All you need to do is reach to the radiator hose, and tighten it a little bit. This will stop the leak anyway. 

Step 1: Repairing the Coolant System

Even a more intense kind of solution can be repairing the coolant system. This solution is supposed to be conducted in case you see the source of the problem in the cooling system. Mostly, the coolant container can be the reason behind this. You can apply plumber’s putty to fill up the crack. In case you want a more permanent solution, you can weld the coolant container up or replace it with a new coolant container. 

Our favorite Plumber’s Putty: Oatey Plumber’s Putty

Our favorite Coolant Container Replacement: Dorman 603-001 Coolant Reservoir Bottle

Step 1: Radiator Leak Radiator

As you have seen, one of the worst kinds of suspect behind a coolant leaking from the bottom of the car is the radiator and its parts. For repairing that, you might go for any of these two ways- 

Way 1: Using Radiator Stop Leak Concentrate

The first method involves using radiator stop leak concentrate. This is a powerful stop leak product for the radiator and its parts. And this is mostly used in repairing minor cracks and leaks in the radiator and its parts. 

Our favorite Radiator Stop Leak Concentrate: Bar’s Leaks 1194 Radiator Stop Leak Concentrate

Way 2: Using Radiator Stop Leak Tablet

The next solution is to use a radiator stop leak tablet. This provides a rather professional and more rigid strength that what a radiator stop leak concentrate does. 

Instead of small leaks, you can prevent mild to moderate level leaks in the radiator system with one of these tablets. These are also designed with an easy to use formula, so you don’t need to take it to a car mechanic to apply this tablet. It’s a rather DIY method to deal with this solution. Also, it works quickly, if you are in a rush. 

Our favorite Radiator Stop Leak Tablet: Bar’s Leaks HDC Radiator Stop Leak Tablet

Bottom Line

So, these had been all for today’s discussion. Hopefully, you have found a perfect match of coolant leaking from bottom of car problem and stepped forward to fix it up anyway. If you find any other possible reason in case of your car, leave a comment below and we will add it up into the list. 

Good luck! 

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