Car Undercarriage Cleaning- Here Is How to Do It


While cleaning cars, what most people care about is cleaning the car exterior. And people are likely to spend hundreds of bucks after that. But what most car users forget about is the car undercarriage. 

Car undercarriage cleaning is such an underrated fact because you can’t always visualize it and how much dirt bad built up there. So, the dirt gets stiff to stiffer. And after a certain period, the cleaning process gets so hectic. 

However, in this article, we have been into a mission of providing you the best tips and guides for cleaning your car undercarriage. 

Stay with us till you get the full idea on the cleaning process, cleaning materials that you need for the process. 

Before You Start Cleaning The Undercarriage

Before stepping into the process of cleaning, here are a couple of facts that you need to take under consideration- 

Check the condition of the undercarriage

If you have got a comparatively new website, the undercarriage condition should not be super dirty. But if your car is an old one, and you’ve not cleaned the undercarriage for a while, you need to go through a hectic process of cleaning. 

If you drive very often, your car is likely to store dirt and they are going to stick to the car bottom. You can use a flashlight to check the condition of the bottom and take action accordingly. 

Prepare for the cleaning process

After you are fully aware of the amount of dirt on your car bottom, you need to take a number of preparatory actions. There are many tools that you need in this process. And a pressure washer is one of the main ones.

With a good quality pressure washer machine, you can wet the dry dirt on the car bottom. 

Also, here are some other products that you need in the process- 

  1. A Pressure washer. 
  2. A cleaner brush.
  3. Car jacks for additional cleaning. 

Step by Step Guide to Clean Undercarriage of A Car

Now, we are the center of the article, where we will be talking about the steps of cleaning the undercarriage of the car. The steps include cleaning with a pressure washer, brush or homemade chemicals as an alternative way. 

Here you go- 

Step 1: Lift the Car High

Before reaching out to the bottom of the car, you need to raise the level of height of the car bottom surface. If you have a truck with the lifted bottom, the step becomes so east though. 

However, to lift the car, you need to use car jacks. With a car jack, the bottom part of the car will be exposed to you. And you can easily access it. 

As you’ve lifted the car bottom and had a look at the surface, you are ready to proceed to the next step. 

Our recommended car jack model: Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor Jack – 2 Ton Capacity

Step 2: Clean up with a pressure washer

The first cleaning approach is done with the help of a pressure washer. Connect it with the hose and start cleaning from the frontal part of the car. Eventually, go all the way to the back. In this way, you would be able to give a primary layer of cleaning on the car bottom. 

There are some stubborn dust and dirt that won’t come up just with pressure cleaning. But with a pressure washing, the dirt will be wet. And that will turn them into easy-to-loosen up. 

Our Favorite Pressure Washer: Greenworks 1500 PSI 13 Amp 1.2 GPM Pressure Washer

Step 3: Deal with the strong and stubborn dirt

At this step, we are going to fight with the strong and comparatively more stubborn kind of dirt from under the car bottom. 

For this step, you need to have a cleaner brush and cleaner chemical. The cleaner should be strong enough to take out all the dirt along with it. 

Apart from the dirt and debris, there are a good amount of stains at the car undercarriage, specially when you are cleaning it after a long time. The chemical that we are talking about, should be able to take out that as well. 

If you’ve got a sprayer nozzle with the solution, stray it on the dirt surface and wait for a few minutes. This will allow the dirt to loosen up and becomes easy to remove. 

After you are done, take a good quality brush and scrub it with bare hands. You should see all the dirt and debris coming out. 

OUr favorite car cleaning brush: Star Brite 3′-6′ Standard Extending Handle with 8″ Deluxe Brush Combo

OUr favorite car cleaner chemical product: Chemical Guys TVD_104_64 Bare Bones Premium Dark Shine Spray for Undercarriage

Step 4: Use A Pressure Washer Once Again

At the last step, it’s time to use a pressure washer once again. 

From the last step, you should be able to remove the dirt that is stiff and stubborn on the surface. After you have removed it with the help of a brush and a cleaner chemical, now there will be some leftover. 

Take the pressure washer once again, power it up and start cleaning from the front to bottom of the car. Wherever you will see some dirt leftover, try to recover it with the help of the brush again. 

In the meantime, you can see some more stubborn dirt coming, take the brush once again and scrub that up to clean. 

Why Cleaning The Car Undercarriage is So Important?

So far, we have shown you how to clean your car bottom with the help of essential tools and chemical products. Now, let us have a look at the reasons of why you should cleaning them often. 

Here are some key reasons after why you should clean your car bottom regularly- 

  1. It will save your car from a number of the drainage problem. 
  2. To prevent rusting under the bottom surface of the car, you have to keep it clean. 
  3. A layer of dirt on the surface of the car bottom is dangerous for overheating. Layers of dirt are likely to prevent heat from passing through, as they are heat insulators.
  4. Cleaning with industrial grade cleaners will let the road salts go from the car undercarriage. This is helpful specially when you want your car to be long lasting for ages. 

Bottom Line

So far, we’ve taken you through the step by step guide of cleaning your car undercarriage with minimum cost. If you are a DIYer yourself, cleaning the car bottom should be of no hardship. 

Hopefully, the steps had helped out you to take care of your car bottom perfectly. 

Best of luck!

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