Car Losing Water and Overheating


A car owner has to keep an eye on the performance and health of the engine of his car. And that’s what brings on quite some troublesome situations sometimes. 

And at this moment, we are concerned about two of the most frequently happened incidents of cars. One is the car losing water and other ist the engines overheating problems. 

As a matter of fact, both of these situations are quite closely related to each other. That’s what makes us discussing these two problems on the same page. 

How Will You Understand?

There are two problems that we are talking about at this moment. One is the water loss from the car, and another is the overheated engine. As a matter of fact, both of these reasons are related to each other, and they might take place at a time. 

How will you understand if the coolant water is leaking or not?

To understand whether the car is losing water, you need to stop the engine and fill the engine tank up with coolant water. If you see it to be leaked away, we’re sure that we have got a problem. 

How will you understand if the engine is overheated or not?

On the other hand, understanding the engine overheating problem is quite easy. All you need to do is use a temperature gauge. This will indicate while the engine is running hotter than usual or not. 

Once you are certain about the presence of these problems, continue to the next sections to find the fixes to them. 

What Are the Causes?

Before we go and find a solution to the problem that we’re dealing with, let’s find out the reasons behind the situation. Here are some of the possible suspects- 

A leak in the cooling system

Whenever a vehicle engine is overheated, leakings are the number one possibility. And this leak can take place anywhere within the cooling system. Here are some of the possible places to occur a leak- 

  1. A leak in the head gasket. 
  2. A leak in the radiator. 
  3. A leak in the thermostat housing. 
  4. A leak in the heater core. 
  5. A leak in the freeze plugs. 

Whenever you find such a leak, don’t wait for a second and go for a fix. In case you don’t have the right materials or expertise to fix up that leak, you can take help from an automotive mechanic. 

Is the Coolant Water Correct?

This is not a suspect, but a question that you need to be answered to understand the root reason behind the situation. Cars always need to be used in the right type of coolant. In case it doesn’t, the wrong coolant can overheat the can engine immediately. 

It’s also about the question of the proper mixing ratio of the coolant and distilled water. In case you don’t prepare the right concentration of this coolant-water mixture, this will also bring on car losing water and overheating anyway. 

To fix this thing up, you just need to get the right coolant for your vehicle. Also, maintaining a proper coolant and water ratio is equally imperative. 

An Overflown Coolant System

Overfilling any system might bring on danger and act otherwise. And there is no exception wit the car cooling system. In case you’ve got an overheated engine, this might be a possible reason to think about. 

The solution to this problem is, you have to keep the coolant input under the required level. There are COLD and MIN level on the tank which indicates the ideal level of the antifreeze coolant. 

Puncture Inside

Sometimes, you might seem the coolant water to get leaked, but not an externally visible leak is found. In that situation, an insider puncture might be the possible criminal behind. 

The insider parts contain the head gasket, the cylinder head, the cylinder bores or even the manifold. In case you want to find out where the internal leak is exactly, you can go and check out each of these parts and look for a leak. 

Worn Out Radiator Cup

The radiator cup is quite an imperative part of a complete car engine system. In case the cap is deteriorated over time, it will let the antifreeze coolant slip through. And this is most likely to happen when you are driving the car. 

In case you have got a clogged out radiator cup, you have no way left apart from replacing it or cleaning it up. So, check the radiator when the coolant water gets away without any tracing. 

An Overheated Engine

Apart from the reasons we have stated so far, some other reasons might be behind this overheated engine. In case it’s not any of them which we’ve talked about, you need to diagnose the engine to find out the source of the heat. 

As a matter of fact, engine overheating and the loss of water are quite related to each other. A loss of liquid can lead to an overheated engine and vice versa. So, if you get the overheating problem solved anyway, this will stop the water leakage as well. 

To start the diagnosis, fill up the tank with coolant water to its maximum limit, and keep observing. Eventually, you are supposed to find out the source of the leak and continue to fix it up anyway. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Question: Can leak take place externally only?

Answer: As long as the coolant system is concerned, most of the leaks are external. As the other parts of the engine are concerned, the coolant might leak internally as well. 

Question: How can I understand whether my car engine is overheated or not?

Answer: The easier way to understand that is to use a temperature gauge. 

Question: My car water is loosing while driving. What to do? 

Answer: There are many reasons that bring in such a situation. What we would suggest is to do complete troubleshooting. 

Bottom Line

So, that was the possible reasons and fixes behind the problems of a car losing water and overheating. In case you have not found the right solution yet, we would recommend taking your car to a workshop for more professional and effective troubleshooting. 


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