How to Clean Under the Hood of A Car?


Owning a car is one thing, and ensuring a clean and smooth running car is another. In the second case, most of us car owners get stuck. And this happens more often when it’s about cleaning a complicated part like under the hood of a car. Washing under the hood of a car is more technical and complicated part but i think our tips will help you a lot to do this smoothly. 

Learning the best way to clean under hood of car can reward you with several benefits. First of all, it ensures a clean and clear engine compartment, which is a must for any car. Moreover, it prevents jamming, dysfunction of several delicate engine parts. 

In this article, we will be taking you through a few steps of how to clean rust under the hood. Stay along with the car till the dead bottom of the article. 

What Items Do You Need?

As it’s a complicated cleaning process, you must need some cleaning equipment and chemicals. Here is a list for you- 

  1. Microfiber cloths.
  2. Car washing soap or liquid soap. 
  3. Degreaser to fight the hard and stubborn dirt. 
  4. Hose. 
  5. Sprayer with low-pressure settings. 
  6. Protectant made of vinyl or rubber. 

Steps of Cleaning Under The Hood of Your car

Let us warn you about one thing in the first place. Cleaning under the hood of a car is a bit complicated than what we think. Some times we find several rust on car engine and unwanted noise under car hood. Many people select the wrong way because not having knowledge about how to clean rust under the hood. As it has several machine parts going on, it has to be quite clean and mistake-free. 

Once you are done with collecting them all up, here we go with the steps- 

Step 1: Prepare Your Car For The Cleaning Process

Before starting the actual cleaning, your car needs to be prepared to some extent. The first attempt is, it has to be cold. So, give the car engine turned off for at least an hour, and make sure it’s not hot anymore. 

In this note, the best time to clean a car engine hood is in the morning, when the car is cold enough to start work immediately. 

However, if you are in a bit rush, you can clean the car engine hood area when it’s slightly warm. When it is slightly warmed the dirt and oil will come off   easily from the parts under car hood.

Step 2: Protect The Delicate And Sensitive Parts of the Engine

You are going to use water and other liquid products for car under hood cleaning. But not all of these parts are able to intake that. 

So, make sure that these parts are securely covered with a plastic bag or plastic tape. This is a part of under car hood insulation.

The parts that are needed to be covered in this way are-

  1.  Seal the engine’s air intake opening. 
  2.  Seal the alternator off the car engine.
  3.  In case there are any electric connections or sensors or relays, protect them right away. 
  4.  Seal the distributor cap. 
  5.  Seal any other similar parts, that you think are vulnerable to water. 
  6. This is a work that has to be done perfectly before beginning the process of cleaning. However, if you find any of these parts got affected by water splashes, yes a WD-40 Spray to dissipate the water containment. 

Step 3: Take Out The Filters

Filters are very sensitive to water and water vapor. So it’s better to take out all the filters before attempting to wash the area under the hood of the car. 

Now, the question is, what filters are supposed to be taken off at this site? Well, we would suggest removing each of them as long as you find them to be sensitive. 

At first, go with the engine air intake filter. Because it’s too vulnerable to water. Once it’s removed, cover it u with any plastic bag, so that any water splashes don’t get into touch with it. 

And finally, put the filter into a safe place. Now, remove the battery cables, as they are also sensitive to water connection. 

Step 4: Clean Up the Non-sensitive Areas

Take the degreaser that we’ve listed some best under hood cleaning degreser  on the equipment box, and start spraying it ion the non-sensitive areas of the car engine. This will let the dirt come loose before you apply any water on the car engine. 

However, don’t forget to avoid the sensitive parts of the engine. Some parts like the electric connectors are highly vulnerable to degreasers. 

Also, don’t apply degreaser onto any area which might cause leaks into the main engine compartment. 

Step 5: Have a Quick Rinse

Once you are done with applying degreaser on the spots, let the liquid work for 20-25 minutes. Once it’s done, rinse those parts of the engine with water. 

Make sure to keep the water pressure low when you are rinsing. Use a sprayer that comes with a firm and low-pressure options .We have recommended  best sprayer on equipment box it will be more efficient to give better result than any other.(as best type keyword – sprayer)

Step 6: Clean Up the Engineer Compartment

Now, it’s time for some thorough cleaning. The area might be dirty enough due to car leaking oil under hood and many other reasons. Take the water and soap solution, and wipe down the engine compartment with that solution.  Once you are done, you should expect to see the remaining grease and oil went away. 

After you’ve applied the solution, use a microfiber cloth onto the parts which seem dirty. And make sure that the soaps or liquid car washing soap that you are using are free of any kind of wax or polymer. Because these will leave residue on the surfaces after applied . Only  for your concern we have listed best car cleaning liquid soap on the equipment box.(best type keyword for liquid soap)

Now, wipe the areas in a gentle manner with the sprayer. 

Step 7: Dry Off Your Engine

Once you are done with applying all these techniques on the car hood under the area, you should see a clean and clear area here. If you find any further oil or grease onto any place, go with the soap water solution over again. 

In case a microfiber cloth seems not too sufficient for the dirt, you can use brushes. There are some best brushes available both weird hard and brittle type, and soft type.(best type keyword for brush) The kind of dirt you’re using is the determiner factor here. 

Bottom Line

Now, we have a completely clean area under the hood of your car. Let the car engine dry for quite some time, and put back the parts, sensors, filters, and connectors. Make sure that you know what do you find under the hood of your car, and put them back again.

Don’t forget to double check whether your engine area has any water containment inside or not. If so, let it dry for a few more hours.

Good luck on the process of how to clean under the hood of a car.


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