How to Clean Perforated Leather Seats?


We desire optimal comfort and good aesthetics when it comes to our car seats. And one of the best available options for that is perforated leather seats. 

These comfortable seats offer quite a good seating experience, along with a comfort zone for every age. But as a matter of fact, these seats are very likely to get dirty. 

Result? You’ve to take the hassle of cleaning it up. 

In case you have not cleaned a car seat made of perforated leather before, the steps should seem hard for you. But we have taken the responsibility to make them easier. 

Follow the entire article, where we’ve explained steps on how to clean perforated leather seat in details. Let’s meet at the end- 

What Are Leather Perforated Seats?

A perforation is a form of matter where there are matrixes of holes after a regular interval. When it comes to automotive upholstery, this technique is quite often used. Specially, leather made car seats often come up with this sort of design. 

But when it’s about cleaning this seat, you have to go through a number of hassle points. As these are not plain leather surfaces, you can’t just grab a cloth, put some cleaner into it and scrab the car seat. There are a lot more to do about his stuff. 

In the following sections, we will be taking you through steps where you will get to know the steps of cleaning a leather perforated car seat without paying a fortune after it. 

When You Should Clean Perforated Leather Seats?

Perforated leather seats come with a comfortable touch, where the matrix of holes takes the responsibility of air transfer. So, you won’t’ feel suffocated, or sweat, when you’re on such a seat. 

But when can you understand the time when you should clean it up? 

Well, the fact is, most of the perforated leather seat come with a bright color. So, the dirt will be clearly visible. Even stains like water stain, coffee splits, etc also leave some visible mark. 

Right when you would see such kind of marks on your leather car seat, go ahead and start cleaning it. 

Steps of Cleaning Perforated Leather Car Seats

You will need to have some items before you start. Here is the list- 

Items You Need

  1. Car vacuum cleaner. 
  2. Cleaning Foam. 
  3. Soft cloth/ Fiber cloth. 
  4. Blow dryer.
  5. Soft and non-brittle brush.  

Once you are done with collecting the essential products, here are the steps- 

Step 1: Scrub The Area with A Fiber Cloth

Before going into deep cleaning the spot, you should clean off the loose dirt and dust from the upholstery. As you know, these seats have holes into them. So, there are definitely some dust and debris. 

In case you worried off the deeper dust inside, you might bring on a vacuum cleaner in action. If you do that, make sure to have vacuum cleaners that have a firm control on the power. Typical home vacuum cleaners won’t do the job. 

Step 2: Clean With A Cleaning Foam

The next part of the cleaning will require a cleaning foam and a soft cloth or brush. Put a few drops of the cleaning foam, and put that onto your soft cloth. Now, make sure that the foam is evenly distributed on the cloth. 

Now, gently rub the cloth onto the affected place. And make sure that you are working exactly the area which is dirty. 

In this step, you need to have a few things in mind. 

See, perforated seat covers come with holes onto it. So, there is a good chance that the foam will get into the hole and keep stuck there. 

If this thing happens, it will turn the leather into a dump condition, and that’s entirely bad for the leather made a seat of your car. 

So, be ultra careful that this thing doesn’t happen with you. If you see this to happen, use a dry cleaner to make that place dry again. 

Step 3: Remove All Sort of Residue

If your dirt on the leather seat is from hard dirt sources, you need to follow this step carefully. 

After you are done with cleaning this spot, there will be some solid and semi-liquid residue. Now, use a damp cloth to take the residue off. It might ask for several swiping onto the spot. 

Step 4: Dry Clean The Spot

At this point, we are almost done with the process. The dirt spot is cleaned off, the residue is taken care off. Now it’s time to dry off the seat and make it usable again. 

You can use a dry cleaner in this regard. There are many standard and budget-friendly models available in the market. 

But don’t overdo with the dry cleaner. Because over-heat can be cautious for these type of car seat materials.

Things to Be Careful About

  • Make sure that you’ve always used a minimal amount of the cleaning products. Don’t overdo or underdo anything at any step. 
  • Don’t put any sort of liquid, semi-liquid or solid residue inside the perforated holes. 
  • Use proper chemical products with proper cloth, brush to apply these chemicals. 

Bottom Line

Learning the process of how to clean perforated leather seat is not a hard chore. All you have to be careful about is- what materials you are using, and how much careful you are. Don’t let the chemical damage the quality or condition of the leather seats themselves. 

Good Luck!

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