How to Clean Headliner in Car Smoke?


Apart from car mechanics, not so many of the people are familiar with the process of how to clean headliner in car smoke. We have seen car users come around with this question every now and then. But literally, there are no clues about this very problem on the internet.

Therefore, we have decided to come up with a complete solution to the problem. It might hectic and complicated if you are completely new to this issue. In that case, we would like you to have a detailed understanding of the car headliner itself, and go again. 

However, let’s not make the introduction any longer, and jump into the topic- 

Understanding The Car Headliner

Before jumping into the steps of cleaning car headliner, we would like to talk some basics about this part of your beloved car. 

The ceiling in the interior of your car is the first part of your car headliner. It’ is usually made of foam and a hardened up material like fiberglass or any other fibrous material. Also, there can be an exposed material like vinyl, leather or fabric. 

All the three material forms the car headliner in together. And to make sure it’s okay with its health, you need to take proper care of it. 

Here is a list of purpose the car headliner serves- 

  1. It is used to insulate the car interior from extremely hot or cold weather. 
  2. To enhance the NVH characteristics of your car, it is also an important part. The NVH means, Noise, Vibration, and Harshness. 
  3. Based on the type of material you use, the car headliner gives it a premium and elegant look. 
  4. It is often used to mount car components like sunglass holder, dome lights, bluetooth microphones, speakers, etc. 

Steps on How to Clean Headliner in Car Smoke

Alright, we are in the center of the article now. Here, we will go through the steps of cleaning the car headliner in smoke. Smoke is one of the vital foes of your car headliner, and you can never let it go. 

Let’s start with the list of items you need for the process- 

Items You Need

  • Car interior cleaner spray.
  • Microfiber towels.
  • Water. 
  • Vacuum cleaner. 

Step 1: 

Start with grabbing a clean microfiber tower. Put some water into the towel, and make it slightly wet. Don’t immerse the tower into the water completely. 

Step 2: 

Grab the car interior cleaner in hand. Now mark the smoke spots into it, and spray the car interior cleaner onto it. Once done, dap the cloth onto the place. Make sure that you have put it directly on the dirty spot. 

Now, start applying mild pressure on the part, but don’t start rubbing. Because rubbing will spread up the smoke mark into a wider space. Our intention at this stage is to let the dump cloth absorb as much dirt as possible. 

Step 3: 

Once you are done with step 2 for every dirt part of the car headliner, it’s time to dry the affected areas. For that, you need to take a dry cloth and dap the clothes on to the places. 

Step 4: 

This step is an optional step, in case you have some more dirt apart from smoke spots. If so, remove loosed up dirt in the previous process and you can use a vacuum cleaner for better results. 

There are some definite rules of using a car vacuum cleaner into the car headliner surface. And the #1 rule of the list is not to be over strong onto it. 

See, car headliner is made of delicate and soft fiber layers. If the vacuum cleaner is strong enough, it might damage the health of the fiber. So better master on how to run a vacuum cleaner onto the surface, and then go for the action. 

Step 5: 

In case you are done with step 4, then it’s time again to use a microfiber cloth in a wet state. 

To start with the step, grab that car interior cleaner again, and spray on the places where you can see the dirt. 

Now, take the wet cloth once again, and make sure it doesn’t have the dirt from the last step that we used it into. It’s better if you can manage to grab a new microfiber cloth. 

Put some water into the cloth, and gently go with rubbing the smoked spaces. 

Step 6: 

After one or two cleanings, rinse the whole car headliner with a damp towel. And go for another round of cleaning. Put some more of the car interior cleaner onto the stubborn kind of spots, and go with rubbing once again. 

No need to use either any vacuum cleaner or any extra cleaner chemical with the wet cloth. Use the wet cloth only with water. 

Some Tips Before We Finish

We are done with the steps of cleaning the car headliner that is affected by spots of smoke. Well, if you want to get rid of such problems, it’s better not to use anything that causes those spots onto the car headliner. 

And while you’re doing the process of cleaning, there are some cautions that you need to manage- 

  1. Consult with a professional car mechanic before using just any car interior cleaner material. 
  2. Make sure that the wet cloth or microfiber doesn’t have any water dripping on the car seat. 
  3. Stay protective while using car cleaning chemicals. Wear protective hand gloves and eyewear. 

Bottom Line

Over time, your skill of cleaning a complicated part like the car headliner will improve for sure. But for the first few try-outs, stay as much concerned as possible. If possible, execute the process under the supervision of an expert. 

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