Cleaning Headliner Water Stains: 4 Actionable Steps


To keep your car tip top and fit, we have to take on a number of cleaning tasks over and over. And one of the most frequent occurrences of this genre is cleaning the headliner dirt and dust. 

Talking about headliner dirt and dust, there is something noticeable. Over regular driving, there are water stains onto it. And due to lackings of proper attention, this stain becomes permanent. 

Now, this is the problem we are concerned about. And in this post, you are going to be provided with a complete list of actions that are essential for cleaning headliner water stains. 

Take a few minutes of break from whatever you are doing, and go through the steps below- 

What Are Water Stains And How To Deal With Them?

Water stain is something that is not created out of regular water. In case your headliner place is exposed to muddy surfaces, hard water falls onto it. And hardware leads to the creation of water stains. 

As a matter of fact, hard water is the source of high mineral content. This water contains calcium or magnesium ions. If these elements fall onto the headliner area, that creates some stains. And removing these stains takes a whole lot of effort. 

How To Remove Hard Water Stains?

To remove hard water stains, you don’t have to take a lot of hassle. All you need is a step by step guideline along with proper execution of the steps. Keep reading. 

Items You Need

  • Pressure washer cleaner for cars. 
  • Water spray bottle.
  • Vinegar. 
  • Scrubber. 

Step 1: Try Making The Surface Clean

The first step is to make the surface dust free. Over regular use, there can be dust and debris, that can be cleaned off just with a rinse of water. 

For that, you have to use pressure washer cleaner that is available in the market for cheap prices. 

Once you are done with the initial cleaning, you may proceed to the next step. 

Step 2: Prepare A Homemade Cleaning Solution

For fighting with those stubborn stain marks of your headliner area, you don’t need to spend a fortune actually. There are homemade ways to prepare the solution. 

All you will need is vinegar and a spray bottle. Take half amount of vinegar and half amount of water into a spray bottle. Now mix them up well, and proceed for the cleaning process.

Step 3: Clean the Water Stain

The hard water stain should leave a few marks on the spot. You have to identify the marks and apply the cleaning solution gently. 

After you’ve applied the cleaning solution, you should wait for at least 10 minutes at a stretch. Now, go for picking up a scrubber and scrub the area gently. 

Step 4: Let The Area Dry

Once you are done with scrubbing, the stain marks should be gone away. Now, you have to make sure that the spot area dries off naturally. All you have to do is, keep the area in touch with natural air. Make sure that the area has ample air flow to dry the spot off. 

Alternative Process 1: Using Paste And Baking Soda Mix

Items You Need

  • Toothpaste. 
  • Baking soda. 
  • Vinegar.
  • Scrubber.  

Another quicker and more efficient way is to use a mix of toothpaste, baking soda, and vinegar. Vinegar itself is a powerful cleaning agent. If you add another couple of cleaning agent like baking soda and paste with it, it should be even more powerful. 

After making the mixture, you should go with the same steps that we have told you before. But you have to allow the area with some more time in this case. 

Alternative Method 2: Using Lemon Juice

Items You Need

  • Fresh lemon piles. 
  • Water sprayer. 
  • Water.   

This might sound quite strange at first place. But this actually works great. You should be heard that the basic structure of mild lemon juice has a good cleaning ability. We are relying on that power of lemon juice actually. 

Take a few piles of fresh lemon, and prepare a 1:10 solution with water. Make sure that the water you are working on, is not cold at all. Cold water hardly can dilute lemon extracts. 

Once you are done with preparing this solution, go and apply it throughout a sprayer on the spot. In case the spot is of hard water scale build-up, this process will work very fine. For more stubborn hard water stain or spots, this might not work so well. 

Home Cleaning Vs Commercial Cleaning- Which Is Better?

As you have seen, we have taken you through three different methods of cleaning stain of hard water from your car headliner area. And three of them were home methods. 

In case you don’t want to waste up your time, you might go for commercial cleaning. But that will take a good amount of charge for you. For a tiny problem like hard water stain, we don’t actually in favor of that expense. 

All we would advise is, makes sure that you’ve made the cleaning formula well, and applied it in a right manner. Once done, the hard water stain problem should be long gone. 

Bottom Line

Thanks for being till the dead bottom of the article. Hopefully, you have gathered ample information on cleaning headliner water stains on your own. Based on what item you have in your kitchen, you can go for any of the three methods that we have shown you. All you need to be as careful about the mixing ratio. 

One last advice is, don’t’ use a harsh element to scrub your car headliner. This will leave scratches on it. And of course, you don’t want that to happen, right? 

Good luck! 

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